Business Management and Leadership

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Discover what makes a successful leader and build your own leadership skills.

Business Management and Leadership


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This course has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles.

Develop techniques to effectively manage international businesses.

Professional organisational management could be regarded as one of the most significant developments of the 21st century, and is now present in almost every aspect of society. Understanding what managers do and how they do it is central to understanding how a society works and how it creates wealth.

On this course, you’ll explore the differences between leadership and management and look at the characteristics of successful leaders, using these elements to inform how you can manage international business.

Delve into the key principles of management

With many businesses rapidly expanding across the globe, it’s important that those leading the charge have the skills to successfully motivate teams, implement organisational cultures, and manage the business.

You’ll gain a solid foundation towards becoming an effective leader through learning these principles and understanding the role of managers within a business.

Learn how to build effective organisational structures and workplace cultures

Management structure and organisational culture are intrinsically linked within every business. On this course, you’ll compare the various organisational structures that companies use and how you can utilise them in a practical way. You’ll also discuss the concept of workplace culture and how to cultivate a positive culture through effective leadership.

Explore different leadership styles and how to adapt them to international management

There are many different management styles, each with their pros and cons. In order to improve your leadership skills, you’ll learn to identify different styles of leadership so you can successfully adapt to varying circumstances in your own management roles.

Who is this accredited by?

The CPD Certification Service: 

The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 and is the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the CPD policies of professional and academic bodies.

What topics will you cover?

  • What makes a good leader?
  • Management levels
  • The process of management
  • How people become leaders and manage international businesses

Business Management and Leadership

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2,112 enrolled on this course

2 weeks

5 hours per week

Digital certificate when eligible

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Learning on this course

On every step of the course you can meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone looking to develop their leadership skills, specifically in relation to international business.

This may also be of extra interest to anyone studying business at degree level or business at level 3.

Who will you learn with?

Imran Butt

I am a Tutor in Business Management at the University of Kent, and have been working within higher education for almost 20 years. I also work as a consultant and run my own consulting boutique.

Who developed the course?

The University of Kent

The University of Kent is a top 50 global university with outstanding teaching, modern facilities, award-winning student support and welcoming study locations. Over 18,000 students from 152 countries study across its two spacious UK campuses and specialist postgraduate centres in Brussels and Paris.

The university provides outstanding teaching that is both outward-looking and forward-thinking. Its faculties are made up of industry leaders, and students are encouraged to be inquisitive and think independently.

The university’s high-quality academic facilities include well-resourced libraries, plenty of study spaces and extensive support services. Outside of the classroom, students can enjoy a range of activities, with more than 150 societies and sports clubs to choose from.

The University of Kent is committed to ensuring its students have successful careers and provide the necessary experience and support to achieve this. All students have access to the institution’s award-winning personal and careers support. The university runs a range of employment initiatives including internships; voluntary opportunities; careers and employability advisory service; Language Express; and JobShop.

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